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A Range of Recruiting Options for All of Your Staffing Needs

Whether you're looking for a great job or looking for a great employee, Liukkonen Recruiting/Consultants offers a full range of flexible recruiting options for your short and long-term staffing need.

Direct Hire Placement

Your time is valuable. Recruiting the right talent is as important to us as it is to you. We want to understand first - hand what qualities are essential for you to successfully fill your staffing requirements. It's about your perception of talent, not ours.

We provide the expertise necessary to understand your unique and specific needs based on industry, company size and level of experience to ensure a successful hire. Our networking, association memberships, referrals and building true relationships allows us to attract and find professional and high quality candidates.

Contract Staffing

When you need time and flexibility in your workforce, contract staffing is an excellent solution. Liukkonen Recruiting/Consultants is your single point of contact for all your contingent staffing needs. We offer positions by single project assignment or contract basis.

HR Consulting

From startups to established corporate firms, we offer specialized Human Resources services that support the hiring, policy and cultural needs of companies without internal HR departments.
  • In-house Contract Recruiting: When your company needs to ramp up staffing quickly, but doesn't need long-term HR support, we'll come to your business to handle your immediate recruiting needs.
  • HR Infrastructure: We specialize in helping startups and small companies build their HR departments from scratch. We develop and put their HR infrastructure in place, preparing tools for recruiting and interviewing. We'll help you design the policies that address everything from benefits to safety.

Negotiation Management Training

When partnering with vendors and business professionals, negotiation training helps managers and their staffs effectively communicate with clarity and confidence.

Corporate Wellness

We partner with to offer a corporate wellness program. Establishing corporate wellness can lower your company's health premiums, by helping employees take a total-life approach to workout, diet and wellness. The LooknIn Community Health Nutritionist works with your staff to create individualized diet, fitness and lifestyle plans to help them achieve their wellness goals.

How will our recruiting or HR services help your business? Contact Liukkonen Recruiting Consultants to find out more.